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For Organisations

(Mental Health Organisations / Group Practices, Corporates, Educational Institutes, NGOs, etc.)


Training / Capacity Building

For Corporates and Educational Institutions, we offer training and capacity building for various stakeholders that promote mental well-being, reduce internalized stigma about mental health, and create a more supportive work environment. Addressing topics like cultivating Body Awareness, Inclusivity Sensitisation, recognizing Mental Distress in self and others, Mental Health First Aid, negotiating Boundary Setting, enhancing Team Cohesion, effective Communication, and more can support an employer in achieving such goals.

For fellow mental health professionals in other organizations, we offer training for your team based on our expertise and professional knowledge around topics like - building reflexivity and other  Psychotherapy skills, using Expressive Arts and other creative tools in therapy, Queer Affirmative Care and other forms of Inclusivity Sensitisation, basics of running therapeutic Groups, Mental Health First Aid, and more!

Get in touch with us to see if our skillset can support your organisation's goals!


Mental Health Policy Consultation

Akshata holds an International Diploma in Mental Health, Human Rights & Law. Along with hers and the other team's experiences and insights with a variety of organizational settings, we offer this consultation service to organizations and institutions that are keen on promoting and protecting the rights of persons with mental health issues, making the workplace a more supportive environment, and advocating for human rights in your sector of work.


Some services covered in this offering include - completing a thorough Needs Assessment through detailed research, drafting a comprehensive Organisational Mental Health Policy, training managers on Mental Health First Aid, advising on Mental Health Benefits offered to employees, addressing workplace stressors that may be impacting employees mental health, and more.

Ready to invest in your employee's well-being? Get in touch with us below!


Teaching On Courses

Our team has experience in training students (trainee and practicing professionals) on independent courses that focus on Psychotherapy or Therapeutic Arts training, Basics of Psychology and Mental Health, Ethical practice, Entrepreneurial Skills for Therapists, and Training the Trainer formats. In any teaching that we do, we draw our strength from our individual specializations, interests, therapeutic expertise, and training.

If you are an Organisation or Educational Institution looking for a trainer for a specific module on your Psychology or Psychotherapy modality course, get in touch with us below and we can discuss further details!


Group Supervision

We would love the opportunity to hold a supervision space for fellow mental health organizations/teams. If you have a group private practice or run a therapy organization yourself, here's a quick look at the nature of Supervision we offer - Relational Therapy, Queer-Affirmative, and Trauma-Informed, Expressive Arts Therapy lens as required. Find information about the supervisor here. 

Ready to start? Fill out our form below so we can better understand your requirement!


Corporate Counseling

For employers looking to extend care towards their employees' long-term mental health, we offer onsite (at your offices in Pune and other major cities in India) and online Corporate Counselling. Depending on your requirement and our agreement, our therapist/s would be available for 1 day each week to offer one-to-one Counselling and Psychotherapy services to your employees.


Our skills allow us to cater to a range of common mental / emotional / social challenges that may be faced by employees - navigating interpersonal conflicts, managing workplace challenges, support in feelings of insecurity and helplessness in the current economy, identity exploration, personal reflection and growth, working through grief, managing anxiety/depression, and more. Therapists working with Interior Gardening are Queer-Affirmative and offer therapy from a body-informed framework. You can view our therapists' profiles here.

Fill out the form below so we can get the conversation started!


Resource Creation

Whether it's a resource that you plan to use within your company or to keep available for public use, we welcome the chance to create something unique and add to our collective wealth of resources! Take a look at a few of the Free Resources created by Interior Gardening previously. Some other forms of resources we can create include - worksheets, illustrated or written organizational protocols, psych-educational handouts, guided audios for well-being, infographics to raise awareness, therapeutic games or activities, reflective exercises and tools.


Niharica, the designer, looks forward to creating resources that benefit the larger community and pertain to subjects like - mental health awareness and support, modern relationships, LGBTQIA+ life in India, decolonization, inclusivity, social advocacy and justice, and more.


Get in touch below and we can get creative together!

*Please note we do not create diagnostic or clinical tools. We only use language and frameworks that are Queer Affirmative and non-pathologizing.


Talks / Workshops

Interior Gardening's team contains a wealth of knowledge and lived experience that we'd love to share based on your organization's requirements! Some topics we can offer Talks for (up to 2 hours) or create customized Workshops for (3 hours or more) include - Psychology and Psychotherapy skills, Mental Health and Well-being, Inclusivity Sensitization (around Queer Affirmative Care and Power/Privilege Social Inequalities), Human Rights & Mental Health, Mental Health and the Arts, etc. Our workshops are generally geared towards supporting participants in building either awareness or resources around chosen topics.

Get in touch to see if we'd be a good fit to support your organization's needs!


Group Facilitation

Our team is skilled at and has experience facilitating therapeutic and non-therapeutic groups of various kinds. We offer holding space for support groups, discussion/reflection space, supporting stakeholders through transition times, learning and development spaces, and more. Depending on the need identified and the resources available, we can consider this space to be held briefly or over a longer period of time.


Radha offers holding through her knowledge and training in Body and Movement-based work; Niharica offers arts-based and thought-based exercises that promote self-reflection and connection; and Akshata is skilled at facilitating groups through the use of Expressive Arts Therapy. Our non-therapeutic skills add to our existing training in creating sound spaces for exploration, expression, and transformation.


Have a group ready that you need holding for? Get in touch with us below!


Program Development

More information to come soon! Stay tuned.


Collaborate with us!

We'd love to hear from you and see if there are ways in which we can work together toward something that benefits the community at large!​

*Please note that we only collaborate with individuals and organizations whose online presence (website/social media/etc.) explicitly states that they are Queer/Trans Affirmative and there is content to support the same.

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