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If you are experiencing overwhelming distress, or are at risk of hurting yourself, please contact one of the helplines listed below for de-escalation support, along with reaching out to a trusted person near you.

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Distress Support Lines

​Here are some helplines with volunteers trained to offer crisis care. Please note that I cannot guarantee the response or quality of care offered by the helplines listed here.

Helplines that specialize in care for LGBTQIA+ folks:

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Therapist Directories

Here are some databases you can refer to for therapists that may be more suited to your specific needs or budget. Please use your own discretion in choosing a qualified professional for your mental health care.

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Free Resources

Explore free resources offered by Interior Gardening for various forms of mental health support and care:​


Neurodivergence Resources


There were way too many for me to put on this list so refer to them here!

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