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For Fellow Professionals


Individual Psychotherapy

Niharica specializes in offering individual therapy for trainee and practicing mental health professionals. While she is able to offer support from a Queer-Affirmative and body-focused lens to all her clients, Niharica is keen on supporting her therapist clients in navigating the unique internal and external complexities that come up as as a result of their profession. She encourages her therapist clients to show up for themselves in therapy, not as good clients, but as the brave and kind people they are able to be for others.


Capacity Building Workshops & Courses

Workshops and independent courses are offered through Interior Gardening to support Mental Health Professionals (MHPs) in continuing their professional development of theoretical and skill-based knowledge, and in learning key entrepreneurial skills required to create a successful and ethical Private Practice in India.

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If you are a fellow professional looking to collaborate with us to create a workshop, fill out our Collaboration Form below to get started.



Individual and Group Supervision services for Expressive Arts Therapy professionals are offered from an integrative Expressive Arts Therapy, Relational, Queer-Affirmative, and Trauma-Informed lens by Akshata Parekh at Interior Gardening. Find information about her as a supervisor here. 

We will soon be offering Group Supervision services for early-career therapists from a Queer-Affirmative and Trauma-Focused lens. Follow us on Instagram to know when slots will be available.


Website Design

Niharica is a self-taught Wix website designer who has built a comprehensive service designed specifically for independent MHPs looking to showcase their work on a website. This uniquely designed service includes:

  • Customized website design (using Wix)

  • Support in finetuning website content to attract and market your services to your ideal clients

  • Strengthening and showcasing the brand identity and voice

  • Establishing a brand design guideline

  • Setting up the required infrastructure for administrative ease

  • Basic SEO setup

Along with Interior Gardening's own website, she has designed websites for Neha Christopher and Surama Shah.

*Please note: This service cannot be offered, for ethical reasons, to past or current therapist clients working with Niharica.


Reflective/Supportive Spaces

Find information about our latest offering - Sow & Grow Support Group for practicing Mental Health Professionals here.

We find that reflective spaces can offer us, as mental health professionals, the opportunity not just to build personal and professional self-awareness and our inner supervisory voices, but also gives us chance to connect with like-minded colleagues and build on their referral network. We welcome you to share your presence and story with us in one of our reflective spaces.

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Private Practice Building Support

Starting or growing your Private Practice, as a Mental Health Professional in India, can feel really lonely and filled with uncertainty! We were never really taught the entrepreneurial tools we would need to run Private Practices that are aligned with our needs and values, and also profitable. Niharica offers one-on-one consultations for MHPs looking to start or strengthen their Private Practices. Voice your ideas and concerns with a fellow professional who is keen on brainstorming realistic and ethical ways to nurture your Practice.

*Please note: Niharica cannot offer legal or financial advice but can suggest avenues and resources for further exploration if needed. This service cannot be offered, for ethical reasons, to past or current therapist clients working with Niharica.


Collaborate With Us!

We welcome the opportunity to hear from you and see if there are ways in which we can come together to create something mutually beneficial that impacts the community at large!​

*Please note that we only collaborate with individuals and organizations whose online presence (website/social media/etc.) explicitly states that you are Queer/Trans Affirmative and there is content to support the same.

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