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For Individuals


Individual Psychotherapy

One-on-one psychotherapy sessions are offered online only to support clients (18+ years) in addressing a variety of mental, emotional, physical, and social distresses and to further their personal growth.

Interior Gardening encourages clients to take an active role in their therapy journeys from the start. We advocate for the rights of our clients - inside the therapy room with you, and outside. Know more about your rights as a therapy client here.


Sessions are usually held weekly (with lesser or more frequency recommended as required) and are 50-60 minutes in duration. Therapist fees and specializations vary and we recommend that you assess for yourself first who seems to be the best fit for your needs and budget. Limited sliding scale slots are available for students only. Feel free to ask during your inquiry call if the therapist has any openings at the moment.


Emergency Support & Other Resources

If you are dealing with a mental emergency (overwhelming feelings of hopelessness or despair, feeling like you may be a threat to your physical safety, experiencing anxiety or panic attacks, etc.) and require immediate intervention, please reach out to one of the available distress support lines on our Resources page.

Visit the page to also get a copy of the free downloadable resources created and offered by Interior Gardening, and look at other Mental Health Education, Well-being, and Queer Affirmative resources listed for your reference.


Therapeutic Groups

At Interior Gardening, we strongly believe that social support plays a key role in our overall well-being - a space to remind ourselves of our shared humanity as we deal with various life challenges. Therapeutic groups (support groups, group therapy spaces, etc.) can be a budget-friendly way to learn/exchange coping skills for shared difficulties, gain the benefit of perspectives from others with diverse lived experiences, and build your relational skills in a more controlled and therapeutically held space.

Stay tuned for our upcoming group offerings for individuals (online and offline (in Pune)!


Personal Growth Workshops

Personal growth doesn't only happen in isolation! Just because it is a personal journey, does not mean that others cannot bear witness, participate, or offer support in it. We believe that we also heal and grow when we come together with others in intentional spaces.

Interior Gardening offers online (and offline in Pune soon!) themed workshops and reflective spaces that allow participants to better understand and process various aspects of their human experience. Our workshops are offered by practitioners who are trained in Queer Affirmative care and will uphold Interior Gardening's values in the spaces they facilitate with us.

Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram to stay updated on upcoming offerings!


Community Spaces

Community problems require community solutions. Mental health isn't a subject just for classrooms, therapy rooms, and little pockets of social conversation. It is something that takes up space in our life - sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Community spaces allow us to redefine how we look at, think about, and create new dialogues about mental health and well-being - because the way we have been doing it so far has ended up harming more than helping many of us.

Interior Gardening has and will be offering Community spaces again where mental health can be thought and talked about it more playful and informal ways. While some of our spaces will continue to remain online, we hope to host more in-person spaces in Pune soon!

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