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Sow & Grow Support Group

Sow & Grow Support Group.png

The Sow & Grow Support Group is a response to seeing a shortage of supportive and structured spaces that allow Mental Health Professionals to decompress, connect informally with peers, and share the joys and pains of life as a professional.

The confidential nature of our work means we don't get to talk about a chunk of our world with others apart from our supervisors or personal therapists. It also means, sometimes, it's really hard to form the kind of meaningful friendships or relationships we are seeking - because no non-therapist seems to quite get the nuances of our work, struggles, and celebrations.

Consider attending this Support Group if you are a practicing Mental Health Professional who is:

  • Seeking others who can understand the unique occupational hazards you deal with regularly

  • Feeling disconnected from your professional community

  • Looking for pause and support in navigating your professional journey

  • Wanting to create more space for your non-therapist self, and more.

Logistical details:

  • Alternate Thursdays, 6-7 pm - Starts 8th June

  • Conducted online

  • Pay-what-you-can fee of INR 800 to INR 1000

  • Maximum 12 participants (seats will be reserved on a first come first serve basis)

Register here.

The Reader's Hive

Reader's Hive Post.png

If you're looking for a more active community space, try the Reader's Hive, hosted by intern Anjali Alloria.

An engaging space for anyone passionate about reading and reflection! A small group would be formed and the group will be co-creating the readings for each week. With Anjali as the moderator, read together and take part in group discussions and reflections about the reading.

We're looking for members who are willing to make a 4-week commitment to meeting for an hour each week.


Meetings will be hosted Saturdays, 10.00 to 11.00 am IST.

Update - This group is now closed.

The Quiet Art Club

Quiet Art Club Post.png

Want to focus on your art-making but not really feeling motivated to do it alone? Want to engage in a community space but don't really want to talk to anyone? I've got just the thing for you!

Introducing The Quiet Art Club - keep your videos on and your audios off! A quiet community space to do your own thing while not feeling alone. So bring your sketch pad or your colouring books, and all the art materials you'd like to explore!

Join the meetings every Saturday from 5.30 to 6.30 pm IST. 

Please note - this is NOT group art therapy or art class. Consider this a hobby space.

Update - This group is now closed.

Private Practice 101 (Session 4) - Money Matters

Private Practice 101 Graphics - Session 4.png

The beginning of a new year is a great time to take stock of where you are in your private practice journey and plan for the year.

In this session, we'll be discussing everything to do with fees - how to set your fee, increase it, have a sliding scale, manage client load according to financial goals, and more.

Join me on 20.01.2021 at 6-7.30 pm on Zoom.
Register here.

Private Practice 101 (Session 2) - Legal Considerations & Safeguarding

Private Practice 101 - Session 2.png

This session, I'm collaborating with One Future Collective @onefuturecollective, to bring you a unique 3 hour engagement focusing on Legal Considerations and Safeguarding for Mental Health Professionals in Private Practice.

Uttanshi Agarwal from OFC will be joining me in a discussion around:
- Ethical and legal obligations of practitioners; 
- Legal considerations for those specifically working with at-risk individuals, couples undergoing divorce proceedings, and concerns around minor clients;
- Looking at ways to safeguard yourself and your private practice.

Please note that this session will not be offering legal advice, but rather highlighting issues to stay aware of when working with clients and cases where the law is involved.

You can register to view the recording of this session offline. Click here to register.

T For Therapy

Interior Gardening and Soulsphere Present.png

Curious about therapy? Wanting to know more for a friend or loved one? Considering accessing it for yourself? Join us for a Q&A session with Psychologist and Therapeutic Arts Facilitator Niharica Shah to have all your questions about Counselling and Psychotherapy answered.


Learn about:

- Different kinds of Mental Health Professionals 
- Ways in which therapy can benefit you
- When should I consider reaching out? 
- Therapist red flags
- Why don't therapists hang out with their clients?

And more! 

Contact @soulspherepune for registrations.

Therapists Gathering -
Shame and Its Role in Therapy

Therapists Gathering Feb Instagram- Soulsphere.png

Therapists Gathering by Soulsphere.

Shame is an intensely painful experience of inadequacy and isolation from the people around us. It is also one of the most human feelings we experience.


This Therapists Gathering will focus on understanding the concept and experience of shame, as well as its mechanisms. We will also look into how shame manifests in therapy (within the client and the therapist), explore common causes of shame, and discuss a few important ways to tackle shame in the therapeutic setting. The workshop is open to all Mental Health Professionals and will be facilitated by Niharica Shah (Psychologist and Expressive Arts Therapy Facilitator).

Introduction to Creative Interventions in Counselling

Creative Interventions In Counselling Poster - Final.png

A one-day workshop for counsellors and therapists to learn new ways of bringing creativity to your counselling practice. Expand your toolkit of interventions and enhance the impact of your sessions with this introduction to the arts in therapy, where we will explore novel ways of working through Depression and Anxiety in Adult clients.



  • Being equipped with a set of tools to take straight into your own sessions

  • Bringing a multi-faceted approach into your therapeutic practice

  • Learning methods to help your clients get to the heart of the matter much faster

  • First-hand experience with using a variety of art forms and techniques

  • Handbook available detailing all activities covered in the workshop

Phenomenology in Person-Centred Counselling

Phenomenology Workshop Poster.jpg

Learning outcomes of this workshop include: studying the core concepts of Phenomenology; a more in-depth understanding of why clients indulge in irrational and, sometimes harmful, thoughts and behaviours; building practitioner skills in allowing clients to make their own choices through difficulties; and developing patience with clients' process and setbacks.


Join us for a day of skill learning in this professional development workshop (certificate provided).

Advocating For Yourself (in close relationships)

Advocating for yourself.png

Join us next weekend at the Center for Mental Health, Pune, as therapist Akshata uses Expressive Arts Therapy-based exercises to support you in building your self-advocacy skills.

Self-advocacy, simply put, is the ability to speak up for yourself and for things that are important to you. Nobody else knows how you feel or what you think unless YOU tell people if you are not happy or you want something to change. Self-advocacy is about taking charge of supporting yourself and your needs in order to improve your life in various settings.

Our culture is one that celebrates self-sacrifice and prioritizes the other's happiness over our own, especially in close relationships. This can make it particularly hard to speak up for ourselves. Come learn with us on 30th October as we meet in person to understand what holds us back, and use the arts to find the resources and skills to use our voices for ourselves, as much as we willingly use them for others.

Registrations close on 28/10/2022 at 6.30 pm! Register here.

Tea Tunes Club

Tea Tunes Club.png

Introducing the Tea Tunes Club!

Discover new music, connect with others, and enjoy curated playlists to support your mood in this community space hosted by intern Saee Gaikwad!

Each week, registered participants will be invited to share their recommendations for different themes and mood-based playlists. Log in, sing along, work, have a solo dance party, and just do your own thing as you enjoy music with others in this space!

Please note that this is not group therapy or a therapeutic space.

Meetings will be hosted Thursdays, 6.00 - 7.00 pm IST.​

Update - This group is now closed.

Private Practice 101 (Session 5) - Building Your Referral Network

Private Practice 101 - Session 5.png

All work and no play makes for a tired therapist! Join me this month in a fun & games-filled event designed to help you Build Your Referral Network!

A referral network is an integral system in supporting your practice, and building the Mental Health Community at large. Creating your referral network is all about connecting with other professionals in the field, whom you can trust to refer clients to, and who can also share referrals with you. Through exciting therapist-themed games in this session, meet with other professionals, discover each others' specialisations, and forge new connections!

I invite you all to bring a buddy and avail of a 20% discount! The more the merrier! Please note - this session of PP101 will be LIVE ONLY and not available for viewing offline. You will also receive a surprise 'return gift' at the end of the session. Be sure to attend!

Join me on 18.02.2021 at 6-7.30 pm on Zoom.

Private Practice 101 (Session 3) - Finding Your Client Niche

Private Practice 101 Graphics.png

Why is it important you ask? Won't it cut down my client base? Finding your client niche is much like having a speciality food restaurant. When clients find that you have expertise in specific issues that they are facing, they are much more likely to approach you, as opposed to choosing a therapist that works with their concerns + 15 other difficulties. Imagine it to be quite like when you get something unique at a specialised Tandoor restaurant, rather than at a place that serves North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, chaat, and also fruit juices.

This session involves experiential exercises which will leave you with a clearer picture of your areas of specialisation. This will also allow you to define your marketing strategies and online presence.

You can register to view the recording of this session offline. Click here to register.

Private Practice 101 (Session 1) - Informed Consent Form

Private Practice 101 Session 1.png

Interior Gardening introduces a series of sessions for practicing Mental Health Professionals aimed at supporting you in making your practice more ethical! The first topic we'll be looking at is the ins and outs of Informed Consent Forms.

You can register to view the recording of this session offline. Click here to register.

Self-Compassion in Times of Crisis

Self Compassion in Times of Crisis Post.png

Whether it is a personal crisis or a global one as we are currently experiencing, our ways of dealing with crisis situations can leave us feeling exhausted, defeated, and massively impact our inner dialogue with ourselves. While our instinct may be to push-push-push, Self-Compassion teaches us to pause-reflect-be kind with ourselves. This workshop series aims to equip you with the tools and skills needed to form a healthier relationship with yourself – one that is based on compassion rather than criticism and judgement.

Contact @soulspherepune for registrations.

Free Listening Space

Free Listening Space Post.png

An in-person listening space available to discuss your concerns, distresses and struggles with the current political unrest in the country. Book an appointment to allow yourself to feel heard fully and completely in a non-judgmental space.

Creative Review - An Expressive Arts Workshop

Creative Review Workshop.jpg

2018 has brought with it many big and small changes to our lives. For most of us, this year has flown by before we have had a chance to understand and integrate all of these new things into our lives. On 18th December, come spend 2 hours just for yourself! Take time out to look back at all that has happened, bring closure to some aspects of your life, and envision how you want to experience the new year, in a safe and non-judgmental space created by facilitator and Psychologist, Niharica Shah.

Drawing The Line - Setting Healthy Boundaries

Drawing the Line Workshop Poster.jpg

• Do you find yourself saying yes when you actually wanted to say no? 
• Do you feel tired and burnt out from people’s demands almost all of the time? 
• Are you worried that saying no will make people like you less?  
• Are you unable to enjoy your interactions with people because you aren’t telling them how you feel? 

If any of these apply to you, come join us for a one-day workshop on Setting Healthy Boundaries. We welcome you to a day of reflection through interactive exercises to learn how you can improve your relationships and well-being. 

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