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Interior Gardening



About Interior Gardening

Interior Gardening is a Psychological Consultancy founded and run by Niharica Shah, a neurodivergent Psychologist & Therapeutic Arts Facilitator. Through this solo private practice, Niharica offers a curation of inclusive, creative, and compassionate mental health services to individuals, organisations, and fellow mental health professionals.

Interior Gardening's services empower its clients by cultivating spaces and resources that center lived experiences over checklists. This rights-based approach equips clients to navigate their mental health journeys (personal and professional) with agency and care for their diverse, out-of-the-box selves.


Just as it takes all forms of organisms to create a thriving and wonderous ecosystem, Interior Gardening aims to foster a spirit of collaborative growth and support within the mental health community.

None of us is free until all of us is free. There is no mental health for all without liberation for all. Here's why I stand against the historical and ongoing colonization, apartheid, and genocides of indigenous peoples and their lands.

Services Offered
Individual Therapy

One-on-One Mental Health Support

I work from an intersectional feminist, anti-oppression, and neuro-queer-affirming approach with my young adult and adult individual therapy clients.

Website Design for
Mental Health Professionals

Creative Online Offices

I create dynamic and user-friendly websites for fellow professionals that showcase their work and connect them with their ideal clients.

Peer Support for
Private Practitioners

One-on-One Support for 'Lazy' Bees

I offer anti-hustle peer support to fellow private practitioners in navigating their professional journeys and setting up sustainable systems for success.

Resource Development

Careful Tools for Community Care

I combine my skills in systems & program development and mental health to create inclusive and interactive resources that benefit communities.

Every time someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a better, more interesting place.

- Captain Raymond Holt, Brooklyn 99

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