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Interior Gardening


Explore, Express, Transform

Plant Mirror Reflection

About Interior Gardening

Interior Gardening is a Pune-based Psychological Consultancy that offers a variety of evidence-based psychological services to individuals, groups, and organizations with the intention of creating safe spaces to Explore, Express, & Transform.


Our practitioners are diversely skilled and focused on offering creative, compassionate, and inclusive care to clients, as they support them in achieving their mental/emotional goals. As mental health practitioners, we place the utmost importance on valuing each client's humanness and understanding your story within your unique context.

Interior Gardening offers a variety of services to support individuals and organizations at different stages of their mental health journey. Currently, most services are offered online. However, we will be conducting in-person group and community events in Pune soon! Follow us on Instagram or sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date with new offerings.

Services Offered
For Individuals

We encourage clients to take an active role in their mental health journey right from the beginning. Services like Individual Therapy, Community Spaces, Free Resources, and more are available to individuals. Which form of care would support you best right now?

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For Fellow Professionals

We strongly believe in the value of interdependence and want to see our community grow together. Find more information about services like Supervision, Website Design, Private Practice Building Support, Reflective Spaces, and more.

For Organisations

Our diverse professional skills allow us to offer services like Long and Short term wellbeing interventions for Corporates, Resource Creation, Program Development, Teaching/Training and more to other mental health organisations, corportates, and educational institutes.

Meet The Professionals

Niharica Shah - Psychologist Interior Gardening.jpeg

Individual Therapy,

Website Design,

Private Practice Support,

Program & Resource Development,

Training & Capacity Building

Akshata Parekh - Profile Photo.png

Individual Therapy,

Individual Supervision,

Therapeutic Groups,

Training & Capacity Building,

Corportate Programs

Radha Joshi - Movement Psychotherapist_edited.jpg

Individual Therapy,

Therapeutic Groups,

Training & Capacity Building,

Corportate Programs

Manvi Sharma_Photo_edited.jpg

Therapeutic Groups

Group Supervision

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