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About Interior Gardening

Interior Gardening offers a variety of evidence-based psychological services to individuals, groups, and organizations with the intention of creating safe spaces to Explore, Express, & Transform.


Our practitioners are highly trained and focus on offering inclusive, ethical, and quality care to clients, as they support them in achieving their mental/emotional goals. As mental health practitioners, we place the utmost importance on valuing each client's human-ness and understanding your story within your unique context.

Interior Gardening offers a range of services to support individuals and organizations at different points in the mental health journey. Learn more about the offerings to see which suits your present needs.

Currently, all services are being offered online only as a response to the pandemic.

Client Services

  • Individual Psychotherapy

  • Group Psychotherapy

  • Personal Growth Spaces

Offerings for Mental Health Professionals

  • Skill & Clinical knowledge building Workshops & independent Courses

  • Private Practice growth Consultations

  • Website design for independent practitioners

Organisational Services

  • Long & Short Term mental wellbeing interventions

  • Workshops

  • Counselling & Psychotherapy for stakeholders

Mental Health Products

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Media & Features

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