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1. Individual Therapy

I work collaboratively with clients who are looking to step out of the boxes assigned to them by society. I am trained to offer queer-affirmative care and follow an affirmative model of disability. This means I value my clients' personhood, lived experiences, and self-determination over any prescribed labels.  I specialise in offering Relational and long-term therapy to Women and Queer folks (aged 18-50) who are:

  • Questioning or navigating a late diagnosis of neurodivergence (specifically ADHD, Autism, AuDHD)

  • Questioning or navigating LGBTQIAA+ identities

  • Facing patterns of relational difficulties

  • Therapists as clients

Clients I work with typically have struggled to feel a sense of belonging and have found it difficult to maintain fulfilling relationships, despite their best efforts. Most often, they may have tried to find safety in perfectionism or hyper self-reliance, eventually leading to a breakdown of internal or external systems. In my work, I emphasize the need for co-creating safety within the therapeutic relationship so that parts of your self and identity that have been unfairly shamed can be met with curiosity, compassion, and play. I invite my clients to use the therapy space to actively understand, advocate for, and meet their needs. My goal as your therapist is to offer a supportive environment for you to navigate journeys of - questioning, self-discovery, unlearning conditioning, self-acceptance, nurturing neglected parts, building new systems of care, exercising your agency, and finding strength & joy in standing out.


I am polyamory affirmative and sex-positive. I am continually learning more about trauma-informed care and neurodivergence, and I am striving to be more informed about the struggles of systemically marginalized communities in India and abroad who have historically been and continue to remain oppressed.

Mode of therapy: Online only

Fees: INR 2500 per 50 to 55 mins session (no reduced fee slots currently available)

Languages spoken: English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati

Services Offered

Individual Therapy

2. Peer Support for Private Practitioners

I offer one-to-one Peer Support sessions for fellow mental health practitioners in Private Practice. This offering is founded on my faith in interdependence and its power to support the collective growth of our professional community. Starting and growing a practice can be an isolating and overwhelming experience, especially if you're working solo. I offer a space for you to navigate the challenges you're facing around - managing your practice, brainstorming marketing strategies, scheduling and payment systems, documentation structures, making your practice more inclusive for yourself and your clients, entrepreneurial self-doubt, navigating transitions in your practice, setting up protocols, honoring your own needs, etc - and work towards the changes you'd like to see.


I do not believe in hustle culture and will work with you in peer support to create sustainable and out-of-the-box strategies that honor your needs and do not simply prioritise the grind. I believe this space would be particularly helpful to fellow neurodivergent MHPs trying to create or reimagine work structures in Private Practice that accommodate their needs. Whether you're looking for me to offer resources or tools or simply to hold space while you think your thoughts out loud, we can make room for navigating different parts of your professional journey.

Fees: Pay what you can - INR 1000 to INR 2000 for each 45-mins session. Discounts are available for session bundles! Write to me for details.

Please note: This space is not a replacement for personal therapy or clinical supervision, and is only available to Mental Health Professionals considering or working in Private Practice.

Peer Support for Private Practitioners

3. Website Design for Mental Health Professionals

I am a self-taught website designer who has built a comprehensive service designed specifically for independent MHPs looking to create a stronger online presence. This uniquely designed service includes:

  • Customized website design or redesign

  • Support in finetuning website content to attract and market your services to your ideal clients

  • Strengthening and showcasing the brand identity and voice

  • Establishing a brand design guideline

  • Setting up the required infrastructure for administrative ease

  • Basic SEO setup

  • And much more - check the brochure for details!

Along with Interior Gardening's website (redesigned multiple times!), I have also designed/redesigned the following published websites:

Please note: This service cannot be offered for ethical reasons to past or current therapist clients working with me, as it means engaging in non-therapeutic capacities.

Website Design for Therapists
Resource Development

4. Resource Development

In offering this service, my goal is to use my expertise in psychology and my passion for inclusive design to create resources that empower both individuals and communities to thrive. I consider scalability and sustainability at every stage, ensuring that the resources can be accessible to as many folks as possible. For me, creating impactful resources is a collaborative effort and I actively involve MHPs with relevant expertise, folks with lived experience, and even creative professionals. This effort is to ensure the final product reflects diverse perspectives and resonates with its intended audience.

Here are some examples of the types of resources I have/can create:

If you or your organisation have a specific theme/ topic that you would like translated into an engaging and inclusive resource, let's talk!


Starting therapy is not a suitable intervention for urgent care. If you are facing a mental health emergency or crisis, please reach out to one of these helplines for immediate support now.

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