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Services Offered

Mental health support is offered in different ways at Interior Gardening. Find a service that's best suited for your current needs. Can't find what you're looking for? Write to us with your requirement.


Individual Psychotherapy

One-on-one psychotherapy sessions are offered online only to support clients (18+ years) in addressing a variety of mental, emotional, physical, and social distresses and to further their personal growth. Sessions are usually held weekly (with lesser or more frequency recommended as required) and are 50-60 minutes in duration. Therapist fees vary and can be viewed here. Sliding scale slots are available for students only. Feel free to ask during your preliminary call if the therapist has any open at the moment.

How to start therapy with Interior Gardening:

1. Check out our Professionals to check if their approach, fees, and specializations match what you are looking for.

2. Schedule an inquiry call from the website. If they are available for new clients, their names will show up.

3. Assess in your inquiry call if you and the therapist both feel that working together would benefit you.

4. Digitally sign our informed consent form with key details about psychotherapy and Interior Gardening's policies.

5. Schedule your first appointment online!

Individual Psychotherapy

Corporate Wellbeing Interventions

For companies looking to care for their employees' well-being and create a more mental-health-friendly work environment, Interior Gardening offers Corporate Counselling, focused short-term & long-term Wellbeing Interventions, and consultations on Mental Health Policies within the organization.

Clients who have availed of these services include TomTom, Red Hat, Tavisca Solutions/Tenerity, ThoughtWorks, and Fiserv.

Corporate Wellbeing Interventions

Professional Growth 
for MHPs

Workshops and independent courses are offered through Interior Gardening to support Mental Health Professionals (MHPs) in continuing their professional development of theoretical and skill-based knowledge, and in learning key entrepreneurial skills required to create a successful and ethical Private Practice in India.

Supervision services for Expressive Arts Therapy professionals are offered from an integrative Expressive Arts Therapy, Relational, Queer-Affirmative, and Trauma-Informed lens. Find information about the supervisor here. Schedule an inquiry call with her to assess if you would be a good fit here.

Niharica offers one-on-one consultations for MHPs looking to start or strengthen their Private Practices, and for independent therapists looking for Website design. (Please note that these services cannot be offered to therapists who are/have been therapy clients of Niharica, in order to maintain the integrity of the therapeutic relationship and process.)

Apart from Interior Gardening's website, Niharica has designed Websites for 2 other mental health professionals - Neha Christopher, and Surama Shah.

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Professional Development for MHPs
Group Psychotherapy

Group Psychotherapy

Our therapists offer Group Psychotherapy using Expressive Arts and Movement Therapy modalities for individuals dealing with shared challenges.

If you are an organization or educational institution looking to start group therapy for your stakeholders, please write to Niharica to set up a call and further discuss your requirement.

Follow @interiorgardeningindia on Instagram to keep updated with news about these groups.


Personal Growth Spaces

Workshops, courses, and community spaces are offered intermittently for individuals and groups to make room for reflection, connection, and transformation. These themed spaces are facilitated by trained professionals using Psychoeducational and Expressive Arts modalities.

Follow @interiorgardeningindia on Instagram to keep updated with upcoming events.

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Personal Growth Spaces

Mental Health Products for Personal Care

Whether you are simply curious about mental health, wanting to take charge of your own care, considering therapy but not quite sure it's for you yet, or are in therapy and working with a professional, these products are here to help you gain insights, find new ways of coping and understanding your inner workings, and promote you to be an active participant in your own mental health journey

*Please note that no product can be a replacement for Counselling or Psychotherapy.

Mental Health Products
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